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Camaro Decals and Literature



All original replacement decals are available for 67-73 Camaros. (Valve cover, core support, tune-up, engine size, air cleaner, jackring posi, tire size and pressure, door jamb, glove box, springs, shocks, etc.)

Decals  ea. $    3.50



67-69  Owners manual   $    8.95
67-69  Wiring diagrams   $    6.00
67-69  RS, tach and gauge wiring manual   $    6.00
67-81  Assembly manuals   $  22.00
           Camaro White Book   $  16.95
67-68  Z/28 Fact Book by Jerry McNiesh   $  29.95
           Official Indy Pace Car Book   $  24.95
69       Definitive SS, Z-28 Fact Book   $  29.00
67-69  Camaro (Untold Secrets)   $  18.95
67-69  GM Service manual   $  39.00


STRIPE KITS “correct kit to layout your stripes properly”

67       Bumblebee stripe   $  98.00
68-69  SS Stencil Kit blk or white specify year   $  98.00
67-73  Z/28 Stencil Kit   $  62.00
69       YENKO stripes   $189.00
67-69  Indy Pacecar door decals   $289.00
78-79  Z/28 2-color kit   $289.00
80-81  Z/28 3-color kit   $289.00



Bob Harris judges a 1969 C.O.P.O. Camaro and points
out restoration tips along the way.
  $  19.00